Stealthy Pawn


Sarina is a human female of taller stature. Her height is 5’7, and her attire consists of red leather armor, combined with red leather boots. Across her back is a large bow, nearly the size of herself. Two daggers are attached to her hip, which she rarely uses to engage. Sarina’s hair is blood-red, while her eyes are a shade of pale blue. She is normally expressionless, rarely showing emotion outside of speaking to her master. Sarina’s stone demeanor can be easily mistaken as unfriendliness, but most of the time, Sarina means no ill intent.

Full body image: 20170718204035_1__2_.jpg


Sarina lives for one purpose: to serve her master. Previously her master was Nyter. Sarina served Nyter for 2 years before his sudden disappearance. The rogue Sarina was now lost, devoid of a purpose of life. In one of the rare instances where she makes her own decisions, Sarina makes it her mission to find her lost master, returning to his side once again. First, she must temporarily enter a pact with a new master, by the name Sir Neill of Cross…


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