Sana Ghari

Changeling Dread


Hello, to those who are reading this, my name is Sana Ghari and this is my journal. I do not know what became of me if you find this, but this is my story.

I am a Changeling,, to those who do not know what this means, it means that I am the daughter of a hag and some other race, in my case a reaper. I was dropped off at a very young age by my mother to two humans in the village of Marburg. How I wish my mother would have just killed me, or my father have taken my soul. For those next 13 years were the worst of my life.

I was routinely abused and went without food and water for days at a time. I was made to do every chore around the house, and went to bed on a simple, dirty mat. This was how I lived. The other villagers, also being human, saw me but did not care. This was when I learned to hate humans, what makes me different than them? Just my race? My mismatched eyes?
Anyways, 13 terrible years passed, and almost every day I wished some deity would take me. But I survived, and my hatred increased. After 13 years, I began hearing this voice in my mind. It introduced itself as my mother, and told me to take control of my destiny, it would teach me to unlock my powers, but in exchange, eventually, I had to come find her. Not knowing what else to do I accepted.

So began 6 months of training, I learned how to manipulate human fear, how to intimidate people and how to invade people’s minds. After this, I was ready. When my “father” came to give me my meager food after 3 days, I struck. I conjured a shadow evocation of something that no sane man should ever see. As he lay there cowering on the ground, I killed him.
exited the room and confronted my mother.

“What, what are you….”

She didn’t get a chance to react as tendrils of fear entered her mind. She collapsed on the floor, still conscious, but unable to act. Then, I tortured her, I broke her mind and spirit. I took my revenge for those 13 years, finally I killed her.

Knowing I had to flee Marburg, I ran, I ran until I was about a mile out of the village.

“I did it, I’m finally free.” I thought.

“Good, now don’t forget our bargain Sana. I will come to collect if you choose to not find me.” I heard the voice say. "I live in the middle of Korva. Make sure to come find me within the next five years. But for right now, live your life. Go to Korvas crossing, it is about a day away from here. Seek an elf woman named Mata, she will help you.

Following the voice’s advice, I headed to the city, and after a few hours, eventually found Mata.

“I was told you could help me, my name is Sana.” I said to her.

“Your mother has asked me to help you child, so I will, I owe her a favor. I will teach you to become a courtesan if you want. You will live a lavish lifestyle, at the price of having to attend to nobles. But overall, it is enjoyable. You will also learn how to get information from said nobles. Do you accept.?”

“I guess, I have nowhere else to go.” I replied.
So for the next 4 years I learned how to be a courtesan. I learned how to use my body, and other means, to get information from men. I learned how pliable they were and how apt they were to talk after a few minutes of sex. I also learned how to assert my control over fear this way. It helped a lot more with the information gathering.

While the life was good, I did not enjoy it and began to seek a way out.

It was then that I met a guy named Benji who told me to meet him at Sven’s Bar and Breakfast in Freedmen’s WIll for he had something that I needed help with. So I accepted, I packed up my belongings and left.

And such began a great adventure.

Sana Ghari

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