Neill Kennedy

Leader of the Exemplars


Neill is an extremely attractive half-elf, looking more elven than his human counterpart. His face is quite striking, possessing an angular structure and uncanny symmetry. Neill has long white hair and bright amber eyes, complimented by his tan farmer-like skin. He is rarely seen without his white armor of The One, and his trusty hammer, Exerceo.


Neill Kennedy of Cross stands as a paragon for those who seek to overcome any tragedy. Born to a human father and elven mother, Neill received his fair share of mix-blooded racism, never hearing the end of comments such as “half-blood” or “impure”. One day, the racism Neill had grown accustomed to took a violent turn, an angry mob passing through his father’s farmlands calling out retribution against all inferior races. Bravely, Ron Kennedy stood to speak before the mob, only to be struck down along with Kelaira, his wife. The sole survivor was Neill, a broken shell of his former 10 year old self, lost, and without purpose. Destitute and alone, Neill found comfort in the teachings of The One, training endlessly and traveling far in order to help others. Empowered by faith to serve as a beacon of righteousness for those who cannot help themselves, Neill will stop at nothing in order to ensure no child bears witness to such hate ever again… a true crusader for a better world without hate and Injustice.

Neill Kennedy

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