The Misfortunes That Befell Ridal

The Beginning of The End
Session 1

Benjamin Gosie has gathered everyone together to start an adventuring party business so that he may retire from the field.

The party met at a camp raised by Malcolm Krieg in the marshlands northeast of Tordock.

Benji brought word of an escort mission for some nobles wanting to cross the Garmire marshlands without incident.

On the way to the rendezvous point, the party was beset by several mire dragoons and defeated them handily.

Finally, reaching the carriage, the party meets John Meric, the carriage driver and grows suspicious of the nobles.

At dusk, the escort was beset by highwaymen seeking to earn some easy gold.

Several moments pass in the chaos that ensued; Damien cut a man in half, Violet sent a raven fruitlessly after a man, and Malcolm killed three men that had surrendered themselves.

Once the fighting was done, the party took a moment to recollect themselves; looting and recovering.

Then, out of nowhere, a small red portal appeared and with it an onslaught of black mist that slowly crept towards the caravan and began reanimating the freshly dead.

Malcolm, Violet, and Damien hid under the carriage, as John, Benji, Sir Neill, and Karla stepped out to face the mists and the undead.

Out of the portal steps an eight-foot tall demon that begins his approach toward the carriage.

Those who stood their ground began to fight off the undead and were somewhat successful, until the demon came and tossed aside Sir Neill and Karla with not the slightest exertion.

The demon approaching the carriage, was cut off by Benji standing his ground. Feebly, Benji attempted to stand and fight. The demon picked Benji up and thrust his greatsword through the old man’s gut and threw him aside.

Then, within reach of the carriage, the rider kicked open the door, smashed the demon across the face with her hammer and then created a blinding light that seemingly caused the demon to dissipate.

The riders revealed themselves to be Vity Maku, the standing Defender of the Will, and Ridean Maku, her nephew and apprentice.




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